FOE - Revised.

The project below, was initially began a year ago but was put on hold because of unforeseen delays on my part being the project manager. All is cleared now; I am ready to commence and monitor, so here we go.....

"I would like to create a piece of art together with other artists. I would want to call this piece FOE (freedom of expression). The reason is simple: it is aimed to challenge participants to portray their individuality in a group scenario. I want the item produced in the span of 12 months hoping that by the end of it, we will have the finished product to showcase.

The idea is simple, I will have, for each project (I hope we create more than just one), 11 participants, including myself. We will begin with me sending out the start of each project to the next participant, each person will have 2.5 weeks with the project to add to it, then mail it to the next person on the list until at the end of the project it is returned to me to showcase it here on this blog (update and progress will also be featured here bi-monthly).

The proposed start date is 1st May 2013.

If you are a bead weaver or a bead embroiderer then this is yours. The project is open to bead weaving/embroidery artists everywhere regardless of age, nationality, gender etc. This of course is only the summary of it. I think it will be fun!

So off I go to search for willing participants. Stay with me and you most likely are about to have the 'funnest' ride of your beading life with this project."

P.S. If you are interested, drop me a line with your email and I will contact you with details. If you know any bead weaver/artist that might be interested, send them this link. And do watch this space for updates of the project. Find and join us on FACEBOOK

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