I made this piece for a demanding customer and ended up getting stuck with it. I'm not crying my eyes out though as I enjoyed the process of creating it. Here's what happened. I bid a request on Etsy's alchemy. Someone wanted freeform peyote at $55.00, I was surprised when she got in touch to ask me to see the materials and what method I would use. Then she sent me samples of what she wanted (colour-wise). I told her I could do it for her as I had beads in those colours.

Usually when I bid on Etsy, they complain about my shipping rates, understandably so too, it'll be cheaper for a buyer in the USA to buy from a fellow American as shipping would be a fraction of what I'd ask (shipping from Italy). Anyway. I didn't hear from her for about two weeks and forgot all about it, but she got back and said she was interested in working with me but she wanted the piece to be a lot heavier than the pieces she had showed me. She then sent me fotos of even more pieces, something that I would probably charge at least 250 for the work that goes into it alone! Not to mention and additional 200 for the materials as they were covered in gemstones. I pointed that out to her (she wanted it that thick and in gems too).

Finally, she sent me a lovely yellow piece that she wanted me to recreate. I told her I could use the colours as a guide, but for ethical reasons, I didn't feel comfortable recreating another beader's work (I later found out is a creation from the Etsy shop of a fellow beadweaver - an EBW member!

Anyway, when I began creating, I realized, to be able to create anything as close as her description of what she wanted (thick), I'd have to improvise with materials (which I did), in order to be able to be within the price range agreed on. In the end, it didn't turn out as the piece she wanted which shouldn't have been a surprise, because I had already said I was NOT going to recreate another artist's work....and she didn't like the 'orange in it' lol. But she did say it was otherwise lovely.... so that gives me on more thing in my shop, Hurray to demanding customers.


(I am re-posting this because the original post wasn't correctly done... ) 
I can't count how many times I have stumbled on blogs with give -ways and I would think, I ought to do that someday. Unfortunately every time I set out to create something for the give away, it wouldn't come out right and so I would throw it in my 'recycle' box (where I throw all my faulty bead work for dismantling and re-creating). And when I get to make something that was give-away worthy, I would sell it right away because I needed the money. It finally dawned on me that if I continue at that rate, I would never give away anything!!

Anyway, earlier today, i wrote a blog just because I needed to. It has been awfully quiet around here and I know that I won't be creating anything until mid April, and because I didn't want half the year gone before I blog I decided to. Then it dawned on me that I can keep the activity here by offering a give-away. I simply need to pick something from my stash.

So, the piece I will give away is not (in my books) worthy of a give-away, but I hope the receiver will not mind it. I have decided my first give-away will be an item I created for me. Yes, I didn't give it the sort of attention I would, an item I would sell or would give to someone as a present. But I like it as it is and would wear it comfortably because It is like me 'durable but imperfect'.

So here it is. The bracelet that is going to one lucky person. It is adjustable so don't worry about it fitting you. It is free.....well, sort of; there is a catch.

All you have to do is:
1. Drop a comment, tell me  (a) how you found this blog, (b) why you stopped and (c) what you would want to see featured in future.....Then humour me (although you don't have to); tell me why you want this bracelet.

The offer stands from this minute till March 2nd 2013 21:00 GMT+1 (Rome time). If there is more than one participant, I will randomly pick one person and send this bracelet on it's way. Your location is irrelevant. The winner will be announced here.

Warning: It is not a perfect item, but it is wear-able

P.S. You can follow this blog or follow me on facebook if you like; it will make me happy (this is not a requisite for getting the bracelet, you will make the draw if you make a comment as requested above, even without following me.