I have so much to do right now and the last thing I can sincerely afford is to sit behind a computer, but I couldn’t help it this one time.

Andrew, the kid and I went fabric shopping last Saturday. I had this grand idea of sewing stuff in shades of blue and had in my mind’s eyes, seen the fabrics I wanted, the exact shades, the required trimmings etc, the composition, and I was so looking forward to this trip. Well I didn’t get what I was looking for or come even slightly closer to it, so in the fabric department, it was a MAJOR disappointment, although I cannot complain bitterly as all but one of them are natural fibers, so that is a plus.

After several hours or looking around, I finally came up with these fabrics; shades of blue and grey – not what I had in mind but it would do for now…… and Andrew and the kids were fantastic, they patiently waited for me to decide, without one word of complaint for the boring task of waiting…..

The plus side though is that at one of the fabric stores, we stumbled on a table of goodies and Andrew got me this bunch of beads.

It’s like ten feet’s worth of shaggy 9/0 sized seed beads! I think I have enough seed beads in red to last me the whole year now, if red is the only colour I will ever use.

Also a few feet away from the goodie-table was a bin with leather which I was so into you’d think my life depended on it. They had all textures, colours and sizes to choose from, and I tried very hard not to be too greedy so these were what I came away with.

So in the next three weeks, I shall be converting these fabrics into wearable clothes for all three of us. We’ll see what I will come up with. I have made a few sketches of what will become of them and I am drafting the patterns. Hopefully I should start cutting and sewing starting tomorrow. Watch this space and see what will come of it. I am excited!!!


  1. Hi Naan, I am wondering if this has anything to do with your Battle of the Beadsmith piece? Looking forward to whatever you create!

  2. Unfortunately it isn't the BOTB piece....wish it were, I do better at sewing than beading lol.