I got me a zipper!

So, I did manage to cut bits and pieces of this crazily stained fabric and made meself a killer mini skirt....well, not min per se, just a few inches above the knee. Heck with all the stain on that bitch it's a wonder I could find enough fabric to cover my fat a$$!! The Hubster thinks it's a gorgeous skirt; the Hubster thinks I look good in a potato sack - bless him.

The only reason why I am not modelling it and showing off is because I (silly me) forgot that I need a zipper and hook and eye to fasten that thing!!! I finally got me some this afternoon..... and LOADS of fabric from G street (Scary $h!+ you don't wanna know.....).

So tomorrow, after breakfast I will put in the zipper, hook and eye, and will have some photos ready. Watch this space in the next 24 hours.....hopefully.