Blog Hop

The challenge: Find an object in your home or from the outdoors and combine it with freeform peyote to make something to post on reveal day.
My inspiration: The Ocean, I have always like the ocean and anything related, even though I can't swim.
Found Object: A shell.
I wish I had considered the fact that I might have to show the creation process of this piece. I had the item made as soon as I was aware that I was included in the list of participants and thought I would be able to have a much more interesting blog for it. I hate to disappoint, but I sincerely hope that sharing this is good enough. I had fun making this and will most likely make more with variations.


  1. Naan, there is no right or wrong way to participate in a blog hop challenge. This media just happens to be a bit more forgiving to those of us who aren't quite done yet. :)

    Yours is a beautiful piece. An interesting mix of the organic necklace with the clean lines of your medallion. Thanks for participating!

  2. This is a very chic piece and will be so stunning worn against a black background!

  3. Thank you Ladies for the kind comments and for dropping by. I really appreciate it.