How NAAN got her Groove back.

Yes, I have got my groove back, THANK GOODNESS.

I have spent a long time searching inward and trying to find the person inside, I have managed to find her....or bits of her, but then just as she has emerged, I realized that during the introspection journey, I had also surrounded myself with people that are highly critical of anyone that takes pleasure in fashion, style or simply good grooming, and somehow I let that be a part of me for a while.

To be quite honest, suppressing that part of me has been the most miserable thing I have done to myself on purpose. I have never felt enslaved to style and good grooming to the extent that I would be scared of being caught in public without make up, or in sweat pants or such, so in a subtle way, it felt logical to accept people's reasoning that having a sense of style at all was vanity and that it took away from a person's very essence.

Well something happened recently that made me realize that just like I have no right to criticize anyone's lack of interest in fashion or style, NO ONE has a right to criticize my love and delight in fashion and having a sense of style.

You see, in my experience, people that are critical of anyone or anything contrary to what they practice, do so either as a result of envy or simply to mask their inadequacy at what they criticize. I have always loved making clothes and dressing myself and others up, and I have finally decided to stop being around or listening to people that are battling a sense of inferiority that has nothing to do with me or what I enjoy. Therefore I am going to actively create, make myself and others wear lovely clothes and feel good about doing so.


  1. That's an attitude Naan! Follow your passion as it can take you to some wonderful places. I'm looking forward to seeing your next step.