Inspired by the movies - Sex and the City

I did say I was going to start chronicling my works right? Well, in order to get out of the procrastinating mode and into creativity, I decided to find any sew-along, contests or sewing inspirations to push me, as well as keep me accountable......so joined the INSPIRED BY THE MOVIES CONTEST from the Patternreview.com. website

Now you would think with all the movies out there it MUST certainly be easy to find inspiration, right? I thought so too, but how SO WRONG I was! It  didn't take me long to know that MY  personal sense of style will not necessarily be on someone in the movies.... maybe my alter ego. Anyway, I thought COLOUR BLOCKS, BIG SKIRTS, COCKTAIL DRESSES, PRINTS.....

So I narrowed down my pick to the three series that I found had tempting wardrobes that I would aspire to have - Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives and Mad Men......Surely there MUST be something in there for me, yes? I won't even begin to bore you with the list I created of sewing inspirations on my pinterest board and I must confess by the time I was done, nothing in there was necessarily from those movies!!!. The plus side is I made me quite a collection there and I shall be one happy Woman if I manage to re-create half of what was pinned on there. The sad part is I still could not pin down a look!!!

In the end I settled for Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the city. I had 3 days left to make something for the challenge!!! One thing about her wardrobe that was do-able and can be so very me are the big skirts and the t shirts.
If only I was that small, I might do the bulking up....still I love me some big skirts....
OK, maybe not the tutu, at least not on me....still....big skirt and T shirt....
There is a certain swag about it yes? Plus I love me some polka dots.

My lovely hubster picked the polka dot fabric for this one WITHOUT MY HELP!!!! (I suppose you can say the style bug is finally biting him eh?). The plan is to use the polka dot (Rayon/crepe) for the skirt and the red (cotton jersey) for the T shirt.

I love the fabric so much and must say I was quite impressed with his choice of this one, and thank goodness I have enough left over to make a skirt for the brat as well; she was all over me about how pretty she thought it was and how I "always get the good stuff". So off  to work I went.....
I swear I thought I had photos of the cutting process, apparently not. This is after sewing the side seam and here is the waist band tacked on ready to be attached. I had serged the edges because at this point I was still unsure if I wanted to line it or not and I wanted a neat inside.
I used an invisible zipper so I hand stitched it in the way Sabrina  (In Italy) taught me to do. It was a major pain, but I knew the end result would be worth the trouble.

As you can see, I had attached the waist band before the zipper and because I was darn lazy to undo it, I simply got a bit of bias binding, attached it to the top of the waist band, folded the zipper inward, then let down the binding and sewed.
I did the same thing on both sides and it worked well for me. I then attached the lining (by then I decided I would line it half the length of the full skirt so it was a relive to know that the part of the skirt that would show underneath the lining had neatly serged edges.
I was working while the brat was reading to me (The Island of the Blue Dolphins).
The lining went over the folded bais binding so that was neat.

This was what it looked like with the lining attached, all neat....
The invisible zipper....

And Maria (my Mannequin) got to wear it while I went to work on the T shirt. I must mention that this skirt was self drafted and it is so easy even a beginner can do it. It's a cycle skirt, it has a single side seam and  also I lined it to give it extra body and flow, although lining it is optional. I didn't want to add the extra netting to create the Carrie like bulk to it which I think would look fabulous on a petite person, however if you have a big butt like mine, the last thing you want to do is make it look even bigger. So the flare is all the 'big' I want here.

For the t shirt, I simply drafted a basic camisole pattern with short sleeves.
I used the same pattern for the front and the back.
I had a marking on the body pattern for how low I was going to cut the neck. Of course it could go even lower. I opted for this because I was still contemplating at this point if I would make it a turtle neck. I decided against it because in all honesty, I don't recall seeing SJP in turtle neck, after all this is still supposed to be inspired by the movies.

I ended up cutting the sleeve an inch shorter than the pattern.
I simply folded the pattern in two for exactly the width I wanted the t shirt to be, plus seam allowance, naturally.
Then I folded it again so I had two folded layers. I then placed the camisole body pattern on the fold and cut. Separated them, then cut the neck line a little lower (for the front piece). I cut two sleeves, serged all four pieces, then sewed the edges together and....
Voila! My T Shirt!

Making this was fun. Don't know if Red and colour combo polka dots would be what Carrie would wear but hey, this is Naan and the City and I will have fun wearing it!

That is NOT all folks.....Here's is me wearing the clothes....

I wore it too. OK, that was me trying to create a vintage effect on the photo. It didn't work.....
Here is a better one...I think.....I am lousy at taking photos and I sure am an embarrassment to the hubster, he gave me a wonderful camera for Christmas and I still have not figured out how to work it....Note to self, never wear an elastic belt with your 'muffin' midriff', you only make it more obvious.

I had actually stepped out for a sec to take photos outdoor because I thought surely natural lighting will help create clearer photos. Ha! the chill in the air made me last the two minutes I tried to screw then unscrew the camera onto the tripod. Hopefully I will have some outdoor photos with the next project. Bear with me.....
I could wear red for the rest of my life; it makes me happy!
Thank you all for reading this far. Until next time.


  1. Good job! You are just like me, working it without a pattern. From the way you described yourself in this first post, we have so much in common, and guess what, I am right here in Elkridge! We can be each others inspiration to sew! Check out my blog (not sewing only, but mostly). ewwtoahh.blogspot.com You will laugh when you read my profile. It sounds an awful lot like yours. I look forward to seeing your projects.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Belinda. Winging it is fun sometimes, no strict expectations so there is always forgiveness for mistakes made is what I always say. I certainly will drop by your blog too :-)

  3. Now I really have to learn how to sew!! Beautiful job!!

    1. Thank you very much! And you should too. I find it very relaxing and rewarding.