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Welcome back! I figured if I am going to be blogging seriously about having a personal sense of style and making clothes, then I might as well show you all MY sense of style, and in the process, I shall make the clothes that are (will be) my wardrobe staples. Here is a list of items I shall be creating in the coming months (the last one being for the month of December). 

I am two months late I know, but I have to work hard I guess. The aim is to make at least 2 items a month or at worst, one item a month, so I can do it.

1. A pair of black straight legged pants

2. A pair of white capri Pants
3. One colour-blocked skirt/shorts (I will be making either one.....or both).
4. A plain skirt/shorts (I will be making either one ....or both).
5. LBD (Little Black Dress).
6. LWD (Little White Dress).
7. A Retro Outfit (I love vintage).
8. A flamboyant ensemble (This will be the most fun for me, I love colour!!)
9. Basic white shirt
10 Basic blouse
11. Basic T Shirt
12. Tea dress
13 One Jacket
14. One Sweater

I won't necessarily be making these items in the order listed. I will let my mood dictate, and who knows, I may find the need to add to the list. I am only assuming that these are my wardrobe staples, I will find out for sure when I have them all. So do return for a show of the first item.

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