Pattern Testing for STEPALICA

I am supper excited to say that I have been given the honourable opportunity to test a skirt pattern by AnaJan of STEPALICA. Ana has been one of my sewing heroes for years. She has a unique attraction to texture and forms in sewing. I follow her on Burda Style and on Pinterest because she creates or shares sewing ideas that make you want to sew and wear them!!

Because I have subscribed to her blog, I was opportuned to see the offer for pattern testing and was quite surprised and extremely pleased that she picked me as one of her testers. I have chosen the perfect fabric for this patter and have the next 2 weeks to have it ready. I will not be showing it until after the great reveal, so if you return here in exactly 3 weeks, you will see what I have made.

In the mean time, you can simply go directly to her blog here and you will get to see, not only what we all have made from this one pattern, but you will get to see some of her amazing work as well.

Now off to fabric prep and cutting!

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