Yes, I finally made it!

This is the pattern I tested for STEPALICA. It was fun to make and a challenge. Personally I don't feel like I got the perfect fabric combo here although I love the final outcome. The skirt has a detail at the waist that serves as a belt hold which I decided to accentuate with a deeper shade of green to offset the neon.

It is pretty as it is without a belt and in all honesty unless I wear a belt that is the same colour with whatever shirt I will wear it with, I think the two colours of the skirt can work well without a belt, which is good.

This is when it all began. The pattern was sent as a PDF file so I had to cut and join them, then trace them onto a tracing paper to cut out.

These are the pieces after transferring the pdf bit onto a tracing paper and cutting out.

This is the sewing instruction which by the way was very well written and easy to follow. I stapled the pages together and made it into a neat book for easier storage and also so that I wouldn't lose the pages. The skirt offers three categories with the same pattern and I used Pattern Style B.
My initial idea was to use a pair of either one of these four fabrics
I went for the neon and light green, because I love loud colours (neon). However after cutting them and putting them together, I didn't like the result, the light green seemed to take the life out of the neon. Luckily I had a strip of a darker shade of green which I substituted for the waist and pockets detail.
I made the back intentionally longer although not long enough. I wanted to make sure It was long enough at the back since my 'afro butt' has the tendency of lifting skirts at the back.
I love this skirt and would certainly make another. And if you enjoyed this posting and love the skirt, you are in luck. AnaJan of STEPALICA has the pattern available HERE


  1. Fun!! I love the skirt and the colors you chose. So cute.

  2. Such a bold skirt! Thank you so much for participating Naan!

  3. Thank you Carrie. AnaJan, it was an honour for me to have tested this pattern, plus it was a fun project to work on.