Beckoning Spring II

I can't find a spec of snow anywhere on the ground.....of course I have not gone beyond the property here, but as far as my eyes can see, not even the neighbors have snow anywhere visible and I am praying along with the Methodist church down the road that the snow days are over!! (Methodist church has on their bill board "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!")

So yes, we cleared the yard a bit and I got down to preparing the T shirt yarn for the next rag rug and the hubster decided to donate a couple t shirts.

So we got a few like this one, and I cut one to make a sweat jacket for the brat.

This is the one I cut for her SJ; the colour went better with the other out grown SJ's I had planned to up-cycle.

She wanted the drawings on the out grown sweats to be on the new one so I cut them off and serged the edges

I then placed and stitched them on the cut T shirt the hubster had donated. 

I used the old sleeves from the out grown sweats, thank goodness they were a little longer than they should have been on their original body so they fitted perfectly on the new one. The stitching are all exposed because I wanted them to match the rough edges of the attached pieces on the body. Lucky thing I had a zipper that was the perfect length too!

I used the hood from the out grown grey sweats, but because it was small (short), I added some fabric from the sleeve of the donated T shirt.

She likes her new sweat shirt; she is waiting for tomorrow so she can wear it to school, but she wanted to strike a pose and show off first.

Yes, the sleeves still get folded....what can I say? Some sleeves are simple meant to be long lol. I am glad she likes it, I do.


What the SCRAP is going on.

I have been busy making various projects, but for one reason or another (mostly not having the right buttons or zipper or trimming to complete), I would toss it aside and get on with a new one......and the scrap piled.....So rather than halt until I have the chance to go buy those badly needed trimmings, I decided I might as well play with the scrap piling up....play in the sense that I will sew them together until I have enough fabric to cut and make something out of.....and this was the result.

The skirt hung just above my knee and is quite flare especially at the hem level.

Maria (my mannequin) tried it on and loved it! But I told her she can't keep it.

It really was a fun skirt to make, and the contrasting colours of the fabric really makes it come alive!

I decided to fully line it because i think it is important to have the inside look as good/neat as the outside.

In order to give it a 'contained' look, I decided to use a solid colour of trimming around the waist and around the hemline.

The fun part is that this patterns works on most body types. I decided to sell this very one so I listed it in my ETSY SHOP. I have bags full of scrap so I will be making more, and hopefully keep one for myself as well. 


Beckoning Spring.

The brat has been on my neck about making her a dress or two.....

Her wardrobe has only about 10% skirts/dresses. She is like a little monkey,  climbing everything that offers the temptation to climb! And where I come from, girls don't climb in skirts and dresses if they want to keep their drawers from prying eyes, so rather than restrict her movements and fun, I simply chose to avoid skirts and dresses.

She is 9 years old and suddenly seems to want to be 'girly'. Don't know where that came from (I don't consider myself 'girly'), but I was glad as that would offer me  some sartorial challenges. My training was focused on making clothes for women, so this is new territory for me although I have over the years made a few little girls outfits.

So we got some fabric (she chose the 'girly' colour), I drafted and cut this pattern and made it. She chose the style as well. It was pretty easy to draft and make and was done in a couple hours, so I decided to fully line it as well (I had time on my hands....)

She wore it and loved it, and I was quite impressed for the almost perfect fit....

The only problem she had with it, which I totally agree...

was that the arm holes were too wide. It isn't awful, but it shows more skin that we both care for, so we have decided I would sleeve the dress, and she said she would rather not model it without the sleeves (She is a bit of a perfectionist). I will add them, then show you all what it looks like on an actual little girl. 

I really enjoyed making the dress and I am looking forward to making her more.....hoping of course we will remember that girls don't climb in dresses if they want to keep their drawers away from prying eyes.

Have a wonderful week ahead, you all, and thanking you for stopping by!


I couldn't have said it better myself!

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com

One down -Wardrobe Staples

I did say I would be creatingRemember?, I can check one item out now. Here is the list;

1. A pair of black straight legged pants
2. A pair of white capri pants
3. One colour-blocked skirt/shorts (I will be making either one....or both).
4. A plain skirt/shorts (I will be making either one.... or both).
5. LBD (Little White Dress).
6. LWD (Little White Dress).
7. A retro Outfit (I love vintage).
8. A flamboyant ensemble (This will be the most fun for me, I love colour!!!)
9. Basic white shirt.
10 Basic blouse
11. Basic T shirt this is DONE (and I am tempted to make more in other colours....we'll see)
12. Tea dress
13. One jacket
14. One sweater.