Beckoning Spring II

I can't find a spec of snow anywhere on the ground.....of course I have not gone beyond the property here, but as far as my eyes can see, not even the neighbors have snow anywhere visible and I am praying along with the Methodist church down the road that the snow days are over!! (Methodist church has on their bill board "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!")

So yes, we cleared the yard a bit and I got down to preparing the T shirt yarn for the next rag rug and the hubster decided to donate a couple t shirts.

So we got a few like this one, and I cut one to make a sweat jacket for the brat.

This is the one I cut for her SJ; the colour went better with the other out grown SJ's I had planned to up-cycle.

She wanted the drawings on the out grown sweats to be on the new one so I cut them off and serged the edges

I then placed and stitched them on the cut T shirt the hubster had donated. 

I used the old sleeves from the out grown sweats, thank goodness they were a little longer than they should have been on their original body so they fitted perfectly on the new one. The stitching are all exposed because I wanted them to match the rough edges of the attached pieces on the body. Lucky thing I had a zipper that was the perfect length too!

I used the hood from the out grown grey sweats, but because it was small (short), I added some fabric from the sleeve of the donated T shirt.

She likes her new sweat shirt; she is waiting for tomorrow so she can wear it to school, but she wanted to strike a pose and show off first.

Yes, the sleeves still get folded....what can I say? Some sleeves are simple meant to be long lol. I am glad she likes it, I do.


  1. Love it. Maybe I need some lessons from you on making older kid stylish stuff. I've always done the cutsey girl stuff but she is 9 now and too cool for school.

  2. Thank you Belinda, my kid is 9 too! And yes, she does challenge my choices for her now, so I let her share ideas of what she wants and I try to make them.