Beckoning Spring.

The brat has been on my neck about making her a dress or two.....

Her wardrobe has only about 10% skirts/dresses. She is like a little monkey,  climbing everything that offers the temptation to climb! And where I come from, girls don't climb in skirts and dresses if they want to keep their drawers from prying eyes, so rather than restrict her movements and fun, I simply chose to avoid skirts and dresses.

She is 9 years old and suddenly seems to want to be 'girly'. Don't know where that came from (I don't consider myself 'girly'), but I was glad as that would offer me  some sartorial challenges. My training was focused on making clothes for women, so this is new territory for me although I have over the years made a few little girls outfits.

So we got some fabric (she chose the 'girly' colour), I drafted and cut this pattern and made it. She chose the style as well. It was pretty easy to draft and make and was done in a couple hours, so I decided to fully line it as well (I had time on my hands....)

She wore it and loved it, and I was quite impressed for the almost perfect fit....

The only problem she had with it, which I totally agree...

was that the arm holes were too wide. It isn't awful, but it shows more skin that we both care for, so we have decided I would sleeve the dress, and she said she would rather not model it without the sleeves (She is a bit of a perfectionist). I will add them, then show you all what it looks like on an actual little girl. 

I really enjoyed making the dress and I am looking forward to making her more.....hoping of course we will remember that girls don't climb in dresses if they want to keep their drawers away from prying eyes.

Have a wonderful week ahead, you all, and thanking you for stopping by!

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