One down -Wardrobe Staples

I did say I would be creatingRemember?, I can check one item out now. Here is the list;

1. A pair of black straight legged pants
2. A pair of white capri pants
3. One colour-blocked skirt/shorts (I will be making either one....or both).
4. A plain skirt/shorts (I will be making either one.... or both).
5. LBD (Little White Dress).
6. LWD (Little White Dress).
7. A retro Outfit (I love vintage).
8. A flamboyant ensemble (This will be the most fun for me, I love colour!!!)
9. Basic white shirt.
10 Basic blouse
11. Basic T shirt this is DONE (and I am tempted to make more in other colours....we'll see)
12. Tea dress
13. One jacket
14. One sweater.

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