What the SCRAP is going on.

I have been busy making various projects, but for one reason or another (mostly not having the right buttons or zipper or trimming to complete), I would toss it aside and get on with a new one......and the scrap piled.....So rather than halt until I have the chance to go buy those badly needed trimmings, I decided I might as well play with the scrap piling up....play in the sense that I will sew them together until I have enough fabric to cut and make something out of.....and this was the result.

The skirt hung just above my knee and is quite flare especially at the hem level.

Maria (my mannequin) tried it on and loved it! But I told her she can't keep it.

It really was a fun skirt to make, and the contrasting colours of the fabric really makes it come alive!

I decided to fully line it because i think it is important to have the inside look as good/neat as the outside.

In order to give it a 'contained' look, I decided to use a solid colour of trimming around the waist and around the hemline.

The fun part is that this patterns works on most body types. I decided to sell this very one so I listed it in my ETSY SHOP. I have bags full of scrap so I will be making more, and hopefully keep one for myself as well. 

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