Taking a bite.

Hello fun people! I did promise a while back HERE that I was going to draft and make a pattern from scratch to finish, and I have been looking around for an outfit I can use that was easy for beginners as well as something I would actually wear!

Better yet, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone (make something 'expensive' for the fraction of its retail cost) so this is what I found.

It is a VERSACE dress that retails for $775.00.This is what the back looks like. I must add that for the name tag (and I do think that is what sells this dress). I think it is a very good price for a designer dress. That said though I (personally) won't pay that much for it even if I had the money......but that is just me.

Obviously I will try and protect my modesty by making my version longer than this and out of respect for Donatella's effort for coughing out this design, I will make mine a different colour. So watch this space for more to come. Now off I got to my fabric stash to see what I will come up with. 

I hope I am not taking a bite too big to chew.....we'll see.


Pattern Drafting for Real People.

OK, I admit it, the title here is quite misleading, but that is on purpose and I'll explain. I have sewn, and I am sure most you too have, using commercial ready-made patterns, straight out of its envelope. I was in a conversation the other day with a friend about my frustration at being unable to find a pattern for a specific dress I wanted to make and she asked "why don't you simply save you $$ and draft one yourself?", for a split I thought she was crazy, but then it hit me; she said that because she knows I am a certified fashion and sartorial designer with a three years' diploma from Italy. She has a point! Why the heck will I buy a pattern when I can draft one myself?!

I am ashamed to admit that I am quick to pull and use a pattern out of an envelope than I am creating one from  scratch. What is interesting to note though is that 90% of the patterns I use usually need some sort of re-sizing to get the perfect fit. The reason is, because like the rest of the woman out there, I don't have the perfect body, nothing sits where it should if I make the pattern as is. My torso is short as compared to rest of me so a commercial pattern means taking the waist line higher, legs are longer which means lengthening pants/skirts, narrow hip, chunky thighs....you get the drift. So why indeed don't I just draft one from scratch. The truth? I have become down right lazy!! I am a 'decent' sized woman so the adjustments are normally in one or two problem areas and the rest of it is OK thus the laziness.

But that is about to change. I shall be drafting that dress pattern from scratch and making it too! Heck I need to do that if I want my clients to have that bespoke item as requested, right? I mean why would anyone pay for a specially tailored garment, if it will be pulled out of an envelope and most likely not fit perfectly as should? So this is where my blogging will take a new approach to sewing; rather than simply showing you what I have made (mostly using commercial patterns), I will draft and chronicle it here on the blog from scratch to finish, so if any of you out there reading this would want to learn a thing or two about pattern drafting you may want to come back and take a peep. I will start with the easy things, so beginners are welcome.  Now off I go to prepare.....see you all soon.