Taking a bite.

Hello fun people! I did promise a while back HERE that I was going to draft and make a pattern from scratch to finish, and I have been looking around for an outfit I can use that was easy for beginners as well as something I would actually wear!

Better yet, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone (make something 'expensive' for the fraction of its retail cost) so this is what I found.

It is a VERSACE dress that retails for $775.00.This is what the back looks like. I must add that for the name tag (and I do think that is what sells this dress). I think it is a very good price for a designer dress. That said though I (personally) won't pay that much for it even if I had the money......but that is just me.

Obviously I will try and protect my modesty by making my version longer than this and out of respect for Donatella's effort for coughing out this design, I will make mine a different colour. So watch this space for more to come. Now off I got to my fabric stash to see what I will come up with. 

I hope I am not taking a bite too big to chew.....we'll see.


  1. Looks like quite an interesting, challenging project.

  2. It actually looks a lot harder than it really is. I have never done a tutorial before so I hope I make a good enough step by step of it for someone to get its simplicity.

  3. You CAN chew this for sure! Hang in there. :)

  4. Thanks Marsha, I have indeed found the perfect (for me) fabric for it :-)