B.O.T.B 14

I call this piece THE SECRET GARDEN. It is a piece made out of several bead embroidered motifs, and it took about 65 hours. I had initially planned something quite different for this battle and had indeed begun working on it. I even had it done three quarters of the way. I worked the bulk of it out in our yard, but  one warm afternoon, a lone butterfly kept fluttering about, causing me to pause every now and then, wishing it would sit still long enough for me to move closer and study its wings (I love butterflies). 

I carried on with my beading but also let my mind wander on to an imaginary secret garden where pollinators were in sync with nature and all other creatures; where movement of the wind or another creature’s movement won’t cause them to run away from each other.

When I came back indoors I decided I would love to try a bead embroidered butterfly as soon as I was done with my battle piece, but the urge was so strong that I put the battle piece aside and began working on the butterfly. I had time, I figured. I was sure I would be done with it and still have time to finish my battle piece. I was right. I finished the butterfly in less than 10 hours, so I figured it won’t hurt to make a flower that will go with it; after all pollinators need the plants they pollinate right? 

Well, one flower led to another , then to a leaf, and soon enough it was obvious that I had enough motifs to make a necklace and quite a way to go with my battle piece, and worse still, time was against me, so that is how THIS piece ended up being my battle piece instead. It was fun to create, more for what it represented (where it took my wandering mind) than for what it looks like.

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