Yes, so I finally made it. I don't know why in heaven's name I chose this dress to make

......Oh wait. I know why I did. The original was retailing for $775.00. I remember looking at it and thinking unless the thread was pure dragon veins and the lining was 18 carat yellow gold sheets, why on earth would I want to pay THAT MUCH for a dress THAT SIMPLE to make? So I decided, I was going to make me one, just to prove one can dress as nice at a fraction of the price.

Well it turned out not to be as easy to make as it looks with that  crisscrossing triangles and all. I had to get it place correctly to match the curve of the waistline and the bust darts and all and then tried to make sure the seam lay flat. In a sense I can see why Donnatella will retail it for $775 with all that time consuming detail.....maybe not, considering hers isn't couture, but that is another story altogether. I bet if it was, she might charge a couple thousands plus the $775 for the name tag that reads VERSACE....I digress......

I made mine green and I opted out the shoulder pad and I believe mine is a tad bit longer than the original Versace version, but hey, the Versace model has some really sexy sticks to show. Me? My knobbly knees could do with some coverage.

And have you guys noticed something else? I reversed the triangles having the bigger one opposite VERSACE version and vice versa with the smaller one. That was not intentional. THAT is what you get for trying to copy a dress from a photo without considering the mirror effect of photos.

Oh and while hers has a clean back, I opted for an expose zipper.....and don't mind the puffy look of mine. It hasn't been ironed yet.

Before I forget, this is Maria.

She thought I was doing a lousy job of both photographing and modelling so she stepped in (with the modelling). I had to carry on with photographing and feeling ashamed of my inadequate skills under her glaring disapproval.....but I digress again....

She allowed me this one last shot and took over.

Yes, the dress is fully lined too and unlike the svelte VERSACE version. This one is a size 10 - Yes, a plus size baby!

And YES Maria is a natural, she wears dresses so well she makes me want to go around naked.

I guess you can say besides proving a point to myself (that I don't need to spend a fortune to wear a  designer look alike), I am not sure I will be making me another one. Don't get me wrong. I love the dress I made and I think it would look awesome on the right body. I am just not a dress wearing babe (unless it is a maxi), so I will be selling this off in my Etsy Shop.It cost me less than $100 in materials to make which is nice considering the designer retail price. Of course I will add up my workmanship cost to the price of material plus profit and lucky is she who buys it. IT certainly won't cost half as much as the VERSACE version.

Do come by for more reveal soon (I have been sewing heaps lately).

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