Dawn will tell.....

The last time I saw something I thought I liked but couldn't afford was this VERSACE dress which at the time retailed for $775.00, so I made one. And although there was the satisfaction of recreating a designer outfit with no difficulty and minimum cost, I knew as soon as I tried it on that I was never going to use it. The style is simply NOT ME!.

And you'd think I'd learn. I found a long maxi plaid skirt at a yard sale the other day and I told the hubster I would recycle it. The aim was to incorporate it into one of my bags, but as soon as I took it apart and looked at the fabric, I decided I would make me a skirt with it instead. So I found this.

Now Jessica Alba is something else. With that shapely body and narrow hips, she can pull just about any look. Me? I know for certain that flare skirts that don't reach my ankles have no business hanging on my hips. But I am going to make this skirt nonetheless. What I have in fabric certainly will not be enough to do the ankle length I would prefer, and I know for certain that mid calf isn't me either, so you all will just have to wait and see what craziness I come up with. I promise you that no matter how wild (or not) it turns out. It will be wearable for MY body type, so do drop by in the coming days to see what has become of me. Plus Binta will  most definitely want to model it.

P.S. This is probably a crazy rant from an insomniac at 1:52 am. Dawn will have to tell if this rant will come to pass.

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