Full maxi skirts are super fun to wear, can you tell?

This fabric was a difficult one to use. Because of the print design (African herbalists) I left it in my stash for while because I couldn't think of an appropriate style for it. That was until I made my daughter's dress. I still have not made an appropriate top for it but I am thinking something plain coloured and cropped, pretty simple.

 The pockets on this one are big enough to hide a chicken in; not that I am in the habit of putting meat in my pockets not do I recommend it.

Brat suggested to do the photos bare feet (she took the photos by the way). I shall be making a replica for my ETSY SHOP. It is simply too pretty not to let someone out there own one too.

Anyway, this is the one I made from the leftover of the fabric my sister sent the brat. I am so loving it. And the top looks perfect for it don't you think? You'd be surprised. More about the top below. You'd love the surprise.

The flow of the skirt is what thrills me. A small top is great because it doesn't steal the show, but I need to figure out the sort of Jacket/sweater that will work with it too for cooler days.

Yep! That's my broad back.

Did I mention that the cat goes right under my skirt and just sits there? He probably think it's a tent for him and my legs are the pegs that holds the tent. Hmmmm....

Yes that lovely top I used with my full skirt IS this maxi dress lol. Talk about layering for cooler days.

After making that one maxi at the beginning of summer, I think I have fallen in love with them. They are all I have been making lately. I will go on to making school clothes for the brat in the coming days maybe that will break me away from the maxi warp, so that I can get on to other things when I return to sewing for myself.

Didn't have enough left over from this one so I am not making another for my shop, but....

I will be listing two of this one shortly, in MY SHOP. The fabric on this one is a little heavier than the others so it will be the PERFECT Autumn dress for those cooler days.

Yes it is a racer back dress.

Yes it is lose fitting

And YAY! I own this one too.

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