She is here, she is BINTA

A couple weeks ago this very creative lady from a sewing group I belong to on facebook let us know a friend of has had a dress form for sale and I said I wanted it so I contacted her about it. 

I went there to pick her up today from this awesome lady who wanted a home for her where she would be useful. This dress form is red, she has personality and she is called Binta. Yes, that is what I christened her minutes after we picked her up. Binta is a Hausa name with an Arabic origin and it simply means 'Goddess', same as my own name (Naan) means. Are we claiming to be gods? Hey if we are created in the likeness of God, we are one with god, therefore we are indeed gods, which means we can do (create) anything we set our minds to right?.....but I digress here.

I think Binta is an appropriate name for this girl here because she certainly is NOT afraid of being bold, heck she is RED!!! She is going to be my wild child. Maria (right next to her in that classic jacket) is the conservative one, so her clothes are sensible; even the bold colours Maria wears are warm. 

Binta is going to be my IRIS APFEL, we are going to be flambouyant together and paint this town red, you just wait and see. The fun part is that Maria is happy to have Binta around and extremely relieved to not have to be made the model of my flamboyant creations. I already have something in the works for Binta and I can't wait to show you all.....And yes, Maria needs something for the fall too so off I go to create.

I am so thrilled to have Binta here. Plus now Maria has someone to keep her company when I am not in the studio.

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