She's Ready

Please remind me never to work with plaids again.

I totally forgot how demanding it is to do plaid fabric. Unlike any other fabric where you lay it down and cut to the grain (or not), with plaid you have to lay it out, then tack the WHOLE LOT matching lines and patterns BEFORE cutting, and then when you lay your pattern, you have to be sure yo do so, so the right line matches with those of the joining piece when you sew.


That was how long it took me to tack it all in place, thank goodness the lines are big and spaced out so it took a lot less work than it would have. I have needle holes in my fingers They're freaking sore from all the tacking.

The good thing is that I did manage to match the lines to my satisfaction.
Even the zipper side matched. I should have used an invisible zipper though, but I promise you the lines match when the zipper isn't gaping like in the photo, (i.e. when I am wearing it, it is aligned and flat)

The left and right side look different  but that is because the squares are actually rectangles, so to get the corner to corner straight line look of the front and back, I had to compromise the result of patterns of both sides, which I am quite OK with it though.

I wanted to model it but was busy on another project when the brat returned from school, and since she is the one person that willingly takes photos for me, we will have to do that tomorrow or soon (she is in bed now).

I'll probably also wait until I make an appropriate top for it, to model it with. All in all though, I think Jessica Alba will be pleased to model mine too.....but I'll probably have to reduce it to fit her small size. Now I can kick back relax and plan what to do with these girls.


  1. All that work was worth it!!! Great skirt and the matching plaids lift it beyond the ordinary!