So, Mama Sews.

My brat had bothered me forever to make her a maxi dress and I have always found one excuse or another not to. You see, the problem is that she is super skinny and I always feared that wearing anything that elongates her will make her look even more skinny (and no I have nothing against skinny people).

It was tricky to decide how much arm hole to cut out without creating the NPS (nipples peeping sag) look, but I think I nailed it, maybe because it is a tie-around-the-neck style. The bottom has a lot of fabric to elongate it when the time comes, and the back where the zipper meets has extra fabric as well, so we shall expand it too when the need arises, so yes she will be growing into this one.

She says it's the most comfortable thing she has (makes me wonder what that says about my clothes' buying skills) and she is so excited to be wearing a maxi; she thinks it makes her look like a 'big girl' (not sure what the hurry is to grow up).

I'll probably sew a jacket or make a simple sweater she can use with it on cooler days; Autumn is around the corner after all. Now off I go to look for my battery charger. I have some awesome maxi skirts and dresses of my own that I am itching to share.


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