Many Faces.

It takes very little tweaking to give a new face to the same pattern and you can tell from these skirts. They all are a product of the same patterns and I'll explain.

This is the skirt that started it all. An A lined, clean band-less waist skirt with a side zipper. I must say it is an AWESOME fit (as in I LOVE the way it looks on me) although I am not sure if it's the fabric, the colour or the cut, but I love the way it hangs on me so what do I do? I make another one.

This time using a light cotton fabric and rather than darts and neat band-less waist, I omit the darts and added an elastic waist instead. It is VERY comfortable but I don't quite like the way it looks although at this point I am not sure just yet what change it will require to win my heart.

So I try again. This time I take in the sides an inch on each side by the hem. It does looks somewhat like a pencil skirt but it isn't quite because it has no slits and i walk comfortably in them. Something about the waist line is not flattering - I look pregnant!

I then try to blame it on the fabric. I use another plaid, and yes, the 'pregnant' look is less visible here. I have so much of this fabric and have been making skirts with it.....and I love it each time. OK, I digress here. This one gives me confidence so I try again.

Nope! The pot belly is still there. I suppose this means I should stay away from plain coloured fabrics or I should hit the gym.......Or simply use with a longer loose fitting top. Either way I have 5 skirts that I love, if not for fit, at least for fabric and all made using the same pattern with minimal variation. I will 'fix' what needs fixing then style with appropriate tops and show you all again soon.