And a belated Happy New Year to you all.

It's been a very long year, 2014. This is the first time I find myself in January writing dates and actually getting the year correct. I guess you can say I was so looking forward to leaving 2014 and most that it entailed behind me.

I have spent the best part of this month (so far) trying to put things in order and to 'fix me'. I have one more visit to my Dr. in the morning and should be on my way to recovery very soon. I have all my artistic and creative projects lined up and I simply can't wait to start being productive again.

So, no I was not and don't plan to abandon my blogs; if anything, you'll see more of me now. Happy New year to you all and may it be full of fabulous bliss and good fortune.

This lovely Glass sculpture sits in our front yard and it was made by the talented Ed Francis. If you live in Portsmouth VA do consider taking one of his classes, you won't regret it.