Goals....and More.

So.....I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....yet. I know that I haven't blogged this year and I sincerely apologize to those of you that are following my creativity. I was struggling to work out a defining plan in order to focus on and create a future for my wearable art.

I am sure you will agree with me that for the past few years, I have been all over the place, making clothes, jewelry and accessories but never really standing out. I have been deeply dissatisfied with the results of my creations, not because it was shabby production but because I have been creating stuff I thought people wanted to have/wear. When I finally figured out that in order to have a specific audience I would need to be more specific in my creation and make a mark thus the hiatus. I needed to step back to really define for myself what I really want to create and especially FOR WHOM.

It has been a rather long break I admit, but also exactly what I needed, as I have had come to the conclusion that I am not an artist for everyone and it is quite alright if only a select few appreciate the workmanship, artistry and quality of my work. With that in mind I got down to working a specific plan of action and I am glad to say I can't wait to start sharing what I am up to.

I am still in the planning and creating process so it will be a while still before I have photos to show what I have been up to. I won't spoil the surprise by announcing it just yet. I will however go ahead and let you all know that MY BOOK is finally out! Yay!! Took a whole freaking year plus, to put together and the Kindle version is available now. Ebook and paperback will follow soon.