Poncho Give Away.

I am here again  with another give away. This time, it's a child's Poncho. 

The awesome Siobhan is modelling it for me here but she doesn't want her face shown thus the cut off..... It fits a size 8-10 year old child.

It's been super cold lately here where we live, and I assume the cold is not only local. So while we are enjoying cups of hot chocolate waiting for Spring, a nice Poncho can make a movie night even more cozy right?

It's free but there is a catch -share the link to this blog on either facebook, twitter or Google + and then leave a comment below and you will be entered for a drawing to win this gorgeous handmade soft comfortable Poncho for your little one. You can share the link by using the drop down button on the top left hand corner.

I plan to continue monthly give-away here on the blog so be sure to check back for the next one.



Jewelry....and News.

I have been busy working up my Spring collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry. I made only one of each design with the occasional duplicate of those I would like to keep for myself. The Hubster and I will be attending a Flea Market in a week or so, and I will be taking some jewelry with me. Those that become a hit are what I will reproduce in various colours for the Spring collection.

I will most likely make more designs that won't be going to the flea market with me, mostly high end designs, of course.

I also have been working on pendants and bracelets but I have not gotten around to photographing those yet. I do already have a few items listed in the SHOP though. More to come soon.....Here are some of them.

In the meantime, you can see the bulk of them on my YOUTUBE channel. If you like what you see, please follow the blog, share the link and kindly leave a comment.


Update....and WIN A HAT for a child.

This year’s focus, besides heavy marketing for STELLALTINAAN, is more on outer wears and accessories (specifically bags, wallets, purses, jewelry and belts). Now for jewelry, I am slowly moving away from beads and more towards metalsmithing and wire works. I have pulled out my supply of materials from many years of collecting. I have sterling silver and gold filled wires in various gauges, gold and silver beads in various sizes, a few silver, copper and bronze sheets of various sizes and gauges and also some metal clay. And just yesterday, the hubster gave me a little bag of copper pipes!

Last week, I invested in some tools and they came in today in the mail, and (talk about perfect timing) I also received in the mail, additional tools from my lovely generous friend Robin Kraft. So saying I am in seventh heaven right now will be an understatement. I am on top of the world!!

I will be attending my first flea market in February and have been busy making items to sell, so that is exciting too. I am right now busy designing more pendants and earrings and although the designs look cool to me, I doubt they can be considered ‘professional’ sketches so I won’t share them just yet. What is important though is that the finished products look cool....and they do, even if I say so myself. Photos of my favourite designs in the collection will follow in the next blog so watch this space. 

In the meantime, I have this lovely child’s hat to give away, so if you know any child that would love a hat, put down your name in the comment section for a chance to win in a raffle draw that will close next weekend (25/01/2016). Or if you know someone that knows a child that can use a hat, send them this link so that they can enter to win the hat for the child.

Until next time, stay safe.



I have left this blog unattended for the most part of last year and I have a very good explanation. I got employed at a synagogue, and not being Jewish meant I had to learn about Judaic practices and belief in order to do my job decently. What I didn’t anticipate was that I would be deeply immersed in it to the point of ignoring my creative endeavors. There was too much to learn and too little time! I still have loads to learn about it but it has been a rewarding journey so far and I intend to keep learning.

My employment at the synagogue came to an end yesterday and my colleagues took me out for Lunch. I was asked what the next plan was and I said I had none. The truth is I think I have. I have for the past few years focused only partially on expanding my own fashion business, treating it more as a hobby than a possible source of livelihood. When I found out that due to budgetary reasons I was going to be laid off, I started searching for employment elsewhere. My Boss was gracious enough to offer to be my reference if I needed one. I even went for a job interview last week that went so well but I didn’t get the job. They said I was over qualified for the position!!!

I was hopeful for that position because it’s a small family run, high end business. While talking to the owner during the interview and hearing about their history and work ethics, I remember thinking “If I do get this job, I’ll give it my best, but if I don’t it’ll be sign for me to work on mine”.  Talking with the interviewer and hearing about how they started the business, what huddles they overcame and where they are heading to made me for the first time think “Hey! I can do this - I can have and run MY OWN BUSINESS!!!” It was, in a weird way, the eye opener I needed, to understand that my passion for fashion CAN become an income generating business too. I don’t need to be big, I don’t need to mass produce, I don’t even need to follow the fad,  I just need to have a focus on classic individuality (which has always been the base of my wearable art anyway) with a clientele that can and will appreciate what I make!

I have a new website for my line and will resume blogging again, to share my creative process and to offer coupons and discounts to you, my readers. I can do this and I’ll show you that I really can.
May this year bring you all loads of love, good wealth and great health.