Update....and WIN A HAT for a child.

This year’s focus, besides heavy marketing for STELLALTINAAN, is more on outer wears and accessories (specifically bags, wallets, purses, jewelry and belts). Now for jewelry, I am slowly moving away from beads and more towards metalsmithing and wire works. I have pulled out my supply of materials from many years of collecting. I have sterling silver and gold filled wires in various gauges, gold and silver beads in various sizes, a few silver, copper and bronze sheets of various sizes and gauges and also some metal clay. And just yesterday, the hubster gave me a little bag of copper pipes!

Last week, I invested in some tools and they came in today in the mail, and (talk about perfect timing) I also received in the mail, additional tools from my lovely generous friend Robin Kraft. So saying I am in seventh heaven right now will be an understatement. I am on top of the world!!

I will be attending my first flea market in February and have been busy making items to sell, so that is exciting too. I am right now busy designing more pendants and earrings and although the designs look cool to me, I doubt they can be considered ‘professional’ sketches so I won’t share them just yet. What is important though is that the finished products look cool....and they do, even if I say so myself. Photos of my favourite designs in the collection will follow in the next blog so watch this space. 

In the meantime, I have this lovely child’s hat to give away, so if you know any child that would love a hat, put down your name in the comment section for a chance to win in a raffle draw that will close next weekend (25/01/2016). Or if you know someone that knows a child that can use a hat, send them this link so that they can enter to win the hat for the child.

Until next time, stay safe.


  1. Tossing my name in the hat 😉

    1. You are the winner of the hat (obviously). It will be on it's way to you shortly.