The Dawn of a New Day

Happy New Year!! I spent the bulk of last year in other pursuits and neglected my blogging for the most part so I won't be totally surprised if my followers have unsubscribed. I am writing this with the smallest hope that there would be a few people who, like me, just don't bother unsubscribing to 'dead blogs'. That way I suppose I can reach you again and take off where I left off and hopefully build a followership again.

It has been a long year of learning and growing, artistically, intellectually and spiritually. And while at it, I found employment at the biggest fabric store in the DC metro area so I am at home at work.

Last year dragged with it an unusual political phase that got even me interested (and I am the most unpolitical person I know!!!). That bit of the past year has been overwhelming for me so the focus is shifting back to the things that matter to me - Art, personal growth, and spirituality. The creative focus this year will be on fashion - specifically on women's office and bridal wear, with the occasional men's wear, hats, purses and accessories.....and even shoes.

I made a few winter coats but haven't had the chance to photograph yet, but I'll share images as soon as I do. Winter has been pretty slow coming this year here in MD, so I am taking my attention off warm clothing and focusing on Spring for now. Heck! time flies so fast and before we know it, it'll be spring anyway.

Another thing I will be introducing is monthly giveaways (you'll have to be subscribed to my newsletter, though, to be entered. Follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page, to subscribe). A friend and I have talked about doing sewing tips' videos too but nothing has been finalised so I don't want to promise that yet, but yes, that is something to look forward to. If it will happen it will be announced in the newsletter.

So while you plan your own projects, stay safe, make the best of opportunities, be kind to one another and watch this space for more to come.